Paying It Forward: Blog Award Style

It’s been five months since I started on this writing journey and Twitter is by far the best part about it. Well, other than finally getting the voices out of my head and onto paper, but having an awesome Twitter experience is very close second.

Two weeks ago I received tweets from two very lovely and supportive friends. Shawna Railey and Mary Baader Kaley both sent me “The Versatile Blogger” award in regards to my posts on this site.

Thank you kindly for your support and for visiting us here at Have Coffee…Will Write. I hope you join us when we switch over to our new blogging/reviewing/interviewing extravaganza “Writing on the Rocks.”

If you guys visited my personal site last night, you know that Jack Flacco was nice enough to send me the “The Stylish Blogger” award. Stop laughing. I have some style. Well, I at least brush my hair before leaving the house…even if I do forget to put pants on. 😉

The rules for this award are the same as that one, but in case you didn’t read my post last night *gasp* here they are:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.

2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.

4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

I’ve decided to only list 7 random facts, not 14, because it’s really tough to come up with random things about me. I’m a pretty open person and random facts are usually shared within first meeting me. 😉

OK, ready? Tough. Here we go:

1. For most of my life I thought pigs were adorable. Don’t ask me why, I just liked them. And I swear they can smile, which added to their appeal for me; I’m a sucker for a smiler.

2. When I was younger my brothers and cousins would set up a boxing ring in my grandparent’s basement and pit me and my cousin Steven against each other. Steve is exactly one week older than me and for some odd reason my family thought it would hysterical to see us fight. I don’t know how it started, all I know is that I used to kick his butt until he started biting. Then we had to call it. Ah, family fight club.

3. In order for me to consume cheese curls I need to open the bag and let them sit for at least 3 hrs – the longer, the better. I need them somewhat stale.

4. I love thunderstorms. Wait, love isn’t a strong enough word. It’s getting late so I can’t think of a stronger word, but know that I really, really love them. I’ve lived in old homes all my life and I love listening to the howling wind as the old house begins to sway. I love when the thunder crackles and booms so loudly it causes me to jump and giggle nervously. Now, with that said, I live in eastern PA, the most damaging storms I’ve seen involve some lost shingles, downed trees/power lines and rising rivers. If I lived where they are being riddled with tornadoes or hurricanes I may have a different view on the subject.

5. I injure myself when I clean. When I was first married I would suck up the vacuum cleaner cord almost every single time I vacuumed causing the thing to smoke and the one belt to break. Twice while doing the dishes (no, we do not have a dishwasher) I dropped a plate and cut myself enough to leave nasty scars – one of which is on my elbow. Don’t ask. I’ll look like a bigger dork than I already do if I explain myself. Just know that when I tweet asking if anyone wants to clean my house, I’m not doing so because I’m lazy, I’m asking because I want to live to see another day.

6. When I get happy, like when I’m super excited about something….I hit. Yep. So be warned, I’m happy often. And it’s not like a little tap on the shoulder, I put full brunt force behind it. It’s like all my energy channels into my arm and I let loose. Sometimes it’s a punch to the arm, other times it’s a slap on the back so hard I’ll knock the breath out of you. I’m not proud. Most people worry about others aggression, my friends and family worry when I’m happy.

And quite possibly one of the more embarrassing things about me …*sigh* the things I admit to for this blog

7. I didn’t know pickles were cucumbers. I honestly and sincerely thought you grew pickles and I thought this up until last year. *Shakes her head in disgust* It wasn’t until Eric wanted to make pickles and I asked him “Well, why did you plant all these cucumbers instead?” That was last year, he still laughs. He will probably always laugh at that and I really can’t blame him.

Since we were lucky enough to receive this award twice I’m going to pay it forward to 10 very lucky ladies. Check out these great, talented and very creative women, and who are also fellow #pubwrite patrons:

Wren Emerson

K. Victoria Smith

Ann Mauren

Carolyn Arnold

LM Stull

Leah Petersen

Tess Hardwick

Alison DeLuca

Aden Penn

Tracey M. Hansen

*And just two more – these two don’t have a blog, but they are super talented ladies and you should check them out:

Jennifer Gracen

Janelle Jensen

That’s all for now ladies and gents. I encourage you to leave a random fact or two about yourself below. I love learning about people and random facts are a good way to break the ice and share a laugh. 🙂

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9 Responses to Paying It Forward: Blog Award Style

  1. You’re awesome, Karen. Thank you!

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  3. Awesome Karen! 😀 Congrats on winning the award, and passing it on to me too 🙂

    I especially loved your random fact #1 LMAO! about the pigs…I grew up on a farm until I was about six, and apparently I’d go into the pen to play with them. (please don’t tell anyone lol..oops too late)

    And the pickles/cucumbers…too funny!! Did you know that chickens have “pockets”? Yep, the egg falls in their pouch or pocket, and then they bend over to lay an egg.
    ha – gotcha?! maybe, please say I did…I fell victim to that “truth” as a teenager when my country friend (I was then in a town) told me about it. Yeah, it’s still apparently funny lol 😛

    • Karen DeLabar says:

      LOL – you’re too funny! And yes, I hate admit it, but you got me with the chicken. I was digesting that little “fact” when my eyes hit the next line. Apparently, I’m more gullible than I like to think!

  4. Kate Bowyer says:

    It was wonderful to getting to know more about you! I have to say I think pigs are cute & would love one but I hear they don’t get along with dogs so no pig for me right now.

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