I Don’t Need Pants, I’m a Writer

Last Friday I mentioned how I almost left the house with no pants on. Sadly, it was true and not just a funny thing to write in a post. My mornings are hectic with trying to get a 1 and 3 year old up, dressed, fed and in the car by 8:30. My mind is racing trying to remember everything that needs to accompany us out the door, sippy cups for the girls, yoga mat and knee brace for me. Well, last Thursday I was so focused on getting the girls dressed and ready that I forgot to finish dressing myself.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the worst because I need to get the oldest to my mother-in-law’s daycare before going to the gym with the little one. If it was just taking our oldest to the MIL’s then its no big deal. The little one can stay in pj’s to do that. It’s the gym that throws a wrench in my routine. I love going to the gym, for what it does to and for my body and the energy it gives me is awesome, but most days just getting out of the house is a struggle.

After I found some pants I juggled the little one with my purse, water bottle, her sippy cup and the yoga mat. All the way to the car I found myself muttering: “I don’t need pants to write.” Then it dawned on me. There are so many to aspects to writing that make it the perfect for me.

For instance, I don’t have to wear pants. If I want to sit at my desk naked for all but a purple felt hat with a giant orange plume sticking out of it, I can. I won’t. But I can.

I became curious as to what other writers got out of writing, you know, other than killer book deals and millions of adoring fans. I mean, that happens to every writer, right?

Anyways, to feed my curiosity I posed another question to Twitter. (It’s starting to become a habit with me, isn’t it?) I asked fellow writers what they think are the best aspects to being a writer. Apparently, I’m not the only one that looks at the loose dress code as a positive; being able to wear pj’s while writing was a major response.

Other responses involved being able to daydream at work and not get fired. In fact, it’s rewarded. Let’s see some of our corporate friends get caught daydreaming and see what happens. (Could you imagine what would happen if they’d show up without any pants?)

One of my favorite tweets likened the excitement of telling a story to telling an awesome secret. Isn’t that truth? When the words are flowing and the story is falling nicely into place your adrenaline starts pumping and it’s like you have this great secret that only you know and its time to share it with the world. Awesome feeling.

Some tweeps talked about the freedom writing gives you; how the control of the story is in your hands. You can set it wherever you want, involve whomever you want and do with it want you want.

Hilary Clark, who visits our blog and who recently joined Twitter (Hi Hilary!), tweeted: “Writing dialogue because it justifies talking (and arguing) with myself…out loud.“ I’ve been there plenty of times and I talk a lot with my hands so I’m often found gesturing to my computer as well.

All these qualities hold true, but there is one aspect about writing that is very dear to me. It gives me the time to figure out the world around me.

Life can be stressful, demanding, intruding and cruel; writing helps me deal with all that mess. It helps me organize my thoughts and feelings and allows me to work through things that would otherwise hurt me. Life can also be beautiful, inspiring, energizing, fun; writing lets me share my joys with the world.

Writing gives me an opportunity to show who I am without other’s impressions weighing me down. Just me, my thoughts and my computer; it can be very empowering.

What are your reasons for writing? They can be serious or fun aspects, I’m just curious. And if I start a pants-less Friday will anyone join me? Think of how small your next laundry load will be! The possibilities are endless people!

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13 Responses to I Don’t Need Pants, I’m a Writer

  1. Savana Quinn says:

    As with most other writers, I love the dress code. I can dress up if I want, or I can stay in my pj’s forever. I also love that I can work from wherever I want. This morning, I was freezing and feeling just a bit lazy, so I wrote from the comfort of my bed, nice and toasty under the covers, with the puppy curled up next to me. How many jobs give you that option?
    I would love to join you on pants-free Fridays, but I am going to need a lot of blankets–it is always freezing in this house lately! One question–is is cheating if I get fully dressed before going out to dinner tonight? 😉

    • Savana Quinn says:

      I just had to moderate my own comment. How funny is that? I think WordPress is having some issues today!

      • Kaye Peters says:

        WordPress is definitely having problems – it set my comment up to Kaye and Savana…weird.

    • Kaye Peters says:

      I think going out into public, especially to a casino, wearing clothes is a good thing.

      I think I like the freedom of location as much as the other attributes as well. Writing can be a fickle mistress, sometimes sitting in a quiet dining room is enough to inspire me to write, other times its in a noisy Panera Bread. It’s nice knowing I’m not chained to a desk.

  2. Alex Adena says:

    Pants are overrated! (Although the pets do look at you funny after a while.)

    But back to the writing question … for me it’s how it fires up my brain. So much in life is dull and tedious that it’s easy to sleepwalk. (I am SO grateful my daily commute is only 10 minutes and not an hour.) When I’m writing it makes me think, think, think … turning phrases, recalling character or plot points for continuity, etc.

    Writing makes me feel alive.

    • Kaye Peters says:

      That is an awesome reason. Thanks for sharing!

      Most of my day is lost to doing tedious activities. My oldest is in that phase where its fun to do the same things over and over and over and over again. You’re right – writing stretches the brain muscles and keeps me going.

  3. Hilary Clark says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! I’d love to jump on the pantsless Friday bandwagon but I have a day job. I suspect the men I work with wouldn’t mind. I, however, would feel a bit too vulnerable wandering the halls sans pant.

    I’ll keep talking to myself, in my office, in my car, in the breakroom, in the halls. When a co-worker looks at me with that look that says “my word…she’s a loon”, I’ll quietly smile and think “hey, I could have come in without pants”. 🙂

  4. Lack of pants is always a necessity to good writing. 😉

    The best part about writing for me is the freedom to go anyplace, and any time my imagination feels like taking me, and meeting the weird characters in my head while taking that trip.

    • Kaye Peters says:

      That is a great reason and one I take advantage of often. I’m a stay at home mom, I’ve only ever traveled to a hand full of places, yet in my writing I can go anywhere, meet anyone, even be anyone. Thanks for stopping by and happy writing!

  5. Ren Cummins says:

    And here I thought #NoPantsFriday was just a hyperbole. That’ll teach me to jump to premature conclusions.

    Great blog, by the way; really enjoy your voice and POV!

    • Kaye Peters says:

      I’m so glad that you stopped by! Yep, feel free to join us on Fridays, however, I hear rumblings of trying to make it an everyday occurrence. 🙂

      And thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it!

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