A Quick Update

It has been a while since Karen and I posted here, but I just realized that people are still checking out this page on a regular basis.  There have even been days recently where this site is getting more hits than my own.  🙂

So, if anyone is interested in where we are, here are some updates:

As we speak, Karen is gallivanting around Ireland.  🙂  Lucky girl!  The great news is, she is taking lots of pictures and blogging as she goes.  Keep up on her adventures on her site.

I am still hanging out at home, but have my own awesome trip coming up in a few months.  To catch up on what I have been up to, feel free to hop over to my site.

Of course, you can also check out to our team effort, Writing on the Rocks, to find out what we are reading and learn about some really great authors.

As always, fee free to hit us up in the comments or on Twitter (Karen, Susi) if you have any questions or just want to chat!! 🙂

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Summer Camp–Not Just for Kids Anymore

I am packing up for summer camp.  Come see where I am off to… 🙂

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What’s This Called? An Office? Really? Amazing!

Not sure who (if anyone) is still checking out this site, but I just posted some pics of my new office!  Check them out here.


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Seeing the World Through Pink Glasses

Hey friends, in case you’re still coming here instead of our separate blogs, I posted a new post to my blog on karendelabar.com Check it out 🙂

Links aren’t working again 😦 (http://karendelabar.com/2011/06/seeing-the-world-through-pink-glasses/)

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Taking a Giant Leap Back

I needed to make a change in order to  more productive.  Find out what I did on my site.  🙂

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My Chrissie Girl

Hey everyone – stop over at my site and meet my Chrissie girl.

*Ok, I don’t know why, but it isn’t displaying the links properly today (ah, technology) – so head on over to www.karendelabar.org 🙂

Thanks, friends!

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Can I Bottle This and Save It For Later?

So, I am up and around, feeling a lot better.  Check out my new post over on my site.  🙂

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