And We’re Back…

Our week-long hiatus is done, and Karen and I are back to work this morning. 🙂

While we took the week off from this site, we were hard at work planning the new one. And writing, reading, and catching up on sleep, of course! 🙂

Personally, I come into this week feeling refreshed and more disciplined moving forward. As a team, we are excited about the new site and what it will bring.

To bring you up to speed, here is some of what we are thinking:

  • We will maintain our current posting schedule on the new site, with Monday and Thursday being my days and Tuesday and Friday being Karen’s.
  • We will be adding two new sections to the site, one for reviews and one for interviews. Until the new site goes live, we have added a new tab, Writing on the Rocks, to this site. In it, you will find both interviews and reviews. (Check out Karen’s interview with Todd Bush and her review of his new book, Rick Frost and the Alaskan Adventure.)
  • Each Wednesday, one of us will post a review, alternating weeks. When possible, we will also post an interview with the author the same day. This will start next Wednesday (May 25).
  • We had discussed both of us reviewing the same book, but decided that our opinions were often essentially the same on many books. Having two reviews with the same opinion doesn’t add much, so we are going to avoid doing so. Should one of us have something to add, we will post it in the comments of the original review (as I did with Todd’s book). Of course, we will still post reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble as well. 🙂

As time goes on, we hope to be able to add more reviews as well as guest commentators. We may find that we are able to post more often than this, but we wanted to make sure we were setting realistic goals while still allowing time for our own writing.

Speaking of which, I guess I should go do some of that now. 🙂

Do you have any questions or comments about the new site? Leave them below, we would love to hear from you!

About Susi Borath

Susi Borath finds time to write between freelance marketing jobs, minor league baseball games, creating new cookie recipes, and juggling more laundry than any two people should be able to produce. You can find more about her at or follow @susiborath on Twitter.
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