About Karen

From a very young age Karen had a story to tell. The youngest of four children Karen would fill her days creating stories and plays that she would act out with friends, sometimes real, most times imaginary.

With a natural flare towards the dramatics Karen was determined to make a name for herself with acting. However, life stepped in the way in the form of her now husband and showed her a new path. This new road led to an English degree and motherhood.

As she struggled to settle into her new role as wife and mother, her husband encouraged her use her creative talent and write. After years of his quiet nagging and encouragements from friends and family, Karen finally put some thoughts together and wrote a story. After writing about three chapters of what she thought as “nonsensical crap not good enough for her two year old to read” Karen’s confidence faltered. It wasn’t until several months later in November 2010 when her husband introduced her to “National Novel Writing Month” or NaNoWriMo where she found her confidence, and her voice, once again.

With the goal of writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days Karen’s fingers flew over the keyboard. Not taking time to edit, or really think, Karen found the joy she once could only find on the stage under layers of costumes and make-up. The freedom to be whomever she wanted without worrying about if her voice cracking during her solo or forgetting her lines in front of thousands was exhilarating. The best part was she could show up to her computer in sweatpants and spit up on her shoulder and the computer would not turn her away!

Finding confidence and freedom in writing Karen decided to take this profession head on. Together with Susan Borath, her writing buddy and fellow newbie writer, Karen is determined to find happiness in her new chosen profession.

If you want learn more about Karen and her writing check out her website.


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