Truly Distracted – And Loving It

On Monday I wrote about the great momentum I had built over the weekend. I was excited, and ready to face the week. That momentum took me through the day on Monday and into Tuesday morning. And then it died.

To be honest, it was my fault. I decided that I was going to take an hour to read, so I started a book written by one of my #pubwrite friends, “In Memory of Greed” by Al Boudreau. And I got sucked in. (Seriously, great book. Check out my review on Goodreads or on my website.)

I read on and off throughout the day, taking breaks only because my phone kept ringing and people kept showing up at my door.

I went to a baseball game Tuesday night, but picked the book back up around midnight. I finally fell asleep sometime around 3 am, still clutching my Nook.

I got up yesterday and tried to do some work, but quickly realized that I would be more productive if I finished the few chapters I had left, then got to work.

Now, I thought I had kicked this habit of getting so engrossed in a book that I basically shut out the rest of the world. Ha! Apparently not. But I had learned my lesson. I was not going to allow myself to get sucked in again.

Or so I thought.

My grandmother had a couple of appointments I ran her to yesterday afternoon, so I grabbed my Nook to keep me occupied while I waited. I started a book my another #pubwrite friend, Steve Umstead’s “Gabriel’s Redemption”. I figured I would just read while I was out, then come home and work on writing.

Didn’t happen. I read until I had to leave for rehearsal, then read some more after.

I have a tendency to get so engrossed in reading that I will just read one book after another for days on end, getting absolutely nothing else done. When one is done, I move onto the next.

While this is fun, it is not good for the rest of my life (family, writing, etc.). It is especially not good when our community theatre’s production of Willy Wonka opens tomorrow!

I woke up this morning and realized I needed to stop before I feel back into this rut. I need to regain the writing momentum I had on Monday. So, I hid my nook. Seriously. I am going with the “out of sight, out of mind” logic.

To be honest, it isn’t working so well. It is a warm, rainy day, perfect for curling up with a good book. But, as I have said before, it is also perfect for writing. And writing is what I will do.

Only once I reach my writing goals for the day will the Nook be rescued from my super-secret hiding place. As soon as I remember where it is.

Can you get lost in a good book (or two or six) for days? Do you have any other habits that can make you forget about all your responsibilities for a while? Is it sad that I can successfully manage to hide things from myself? 🙂

About Susi Borath

Susi Borath finds time to write between freelance marketing jobs, minor league baseball games, creating new cookie recipes, and juggling more laundry than any two people should be able to produce. You can find more about her at or follow @susiborath on Twitter.
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12 Responses to Truly Distracted – And Loving It

  1. Aden says:

    There is a reason I don’t take my Kindle to bed with me. I would never sleep! I am reading Gabriel’s Redemption right now and loving it. I plan on picking up Al’s book after I get paid tomorrow. (I have such a long list of things on my Kindle I need to read, it’s insane)
    I have also gotten in the habit of not taking it to work because I wouldn’t be able to get writing done on my lunch break 🙂
    But, good books are the best distractions.

    • Steve says:

      *sneaks into the conversation* Thank you!!


    • Susan Borath says:

      It would probably be a good idea if I didn’t read in bed, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. I used to sneak books and a flashlight into bed with me as of about the age of 8. At 33, the technology may have changed but the habit sure hasn’t!
      I used to have trouble reading at lunch when I was working because I would loose track of time and forget to go back to work on time!

  2. Al Boudreau says:

    Savvy…you flatter me to the moon. I’m so grateful for people like you, who truly enjoy getting lost in a story. Thank you sooo much for your support, and kind words. xo

  3. Karen DeLabar says:

    Told you these guys wrote awesome books! Seriously, we’ve met some truly brilliant people on Twitter – yay us!

    Yeah, been there, still there, most likely will always be there. My first love is reading; I read long after I should gone to bed, my eyes dry and tired from overuse, but I can’t stop. Like you once I start reading a book its hard for me to stop with just that book. Normally.

    Since life for me these past 2 wks has been anything but normal my reading and unfortunately, my writing, has fallen by the way side. 😦

    And uh, I’ve already hidden the Kindle from my kids so they can’t play with it….and I lost it. For 2 days I was looking for it, scared the crap out of me! But I eventually found it and am now looking into a homing device to insert into it. That way I can just stand in the middle of the room and the Kindle will float to me from its hiding spot. What do you think?

    • Susan Borath says:

      We have met some amazing people. I am blown away by the talent.

      I am so glad that I am not the only one with this “problem” (a fun problem to have!). There have been times when I have still been reading when Pookie’s alarm goes off for work. Doesn’t make for a productive day, but that hasn’t stopped me yet!

      Honestly, I was debating about 10 places to put it, and I have no clue which one I chose. I will have to go on a hunt later tonight! 🙂

  4. Kindred spirits! I love reading that much, and I read like that — when I start a book, I don’t want to do ANYTHING else but read it ’til I’ve finished it. Which would be nice if I didn’t have 2 sons, a husband, a house to clean, grad school homework to do, live a life…

    I don’t yet own a Kindle, Nook, etc. Can you imagine if I did?!? LOL

    And #pubwrite has also become a major distraction for me, too. But when all the folks there are so nice, and you can chat with people who have common interests from all over the world, how do you NOT stop into the pub? 🙂

    • Susan Borath says:

      I agree. I keep promising my husband a #pubwrite free night, but I can’t help stopping in. Just too many great people!

      I really struggled with balancing reading and school. I pulled a lot of all-nighters because I got too distracted by reading and forgot to do an assignment. Fortunately, I was too compulsive about my GPA to let the assignments go. Somehow I always managed to get it done!

  5. LOL! I love reading your blogs, because they are so much like my life!

    When I first started writing, I had just finished Emily Giffin’s “Something Borrowed,” for the second time. The more I read, the more I wanted to write, the more I wanted to finish “just one more chapter,” (which I’m sure turned into two or three), but then when I finished the book, I was eager to start on her second book, “Something Blue,” with the same characters. For a few days, I resisted starting her second book, and began writing my first one, which I finished, and I’m working on the editing. Now that “Something Borrowed” comes out on the 6th of May, I’m eager (this time around) to start reading “Something Blue.” I’m also working on number two, am taking writing classes online from Gotham Writers’ Workshop, I have a husband who often “begs” for attention, along with our cat, who is just like his father — whew! I know that when I things calm down (yeah, right), my laundry hamper will be glad I’ve tended to it.

    Great blog!

    • Susan Borath says:

      Series are killers. If there is more than one book out, I have to read them all, back to back. If I don’t I feel like that other book is just sitting there, taunting me. Drives me nuts! 🙂

  6. 2blu2btru says:

    I am like that with Harlequins. I have a Harlequin a day habit at times. I buy five or six each month. I check old ones out of the library. It’s bad. For other books, I can stop whenever I want…most of the time. 😉

    I can also write like this, too. I can get lost in a really good story whether I’m telling it to myself or reading someone else’s or talking to someone about their life. If a movie or TV show has a great story, it will pull me in as well. I’m a sucker for a good story through any medium.

    I hide things from myself all of the time. I even try to remember where I hide some of them, but I still don’t remember, until I come across them looking for something else.

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