One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

I have written 28 posts for this blog so far; not to mention several others for my own website. Over the course of my posts I’ve shared numerous stories about myself, some funny, some personal, hopefully all made some sort of point. But as this blog continues to grow I can’t help but notice that I am keeping something from you. I realized that there are all sorts of blogs out there written by writers about writing for other writers and that there are different ways of doing things. However, most, if not all, do one thing that I just can’t bring myself to do.

Share my work.

Like most writers, writing is very personal for me. I just discovered my need for it. On one hand I’m still learning how to realize my dream while raising two young children and fulfilling responsibilities I agreed to long before discovering this new path. On the other, it’s like a brand new toy and I’m not ready to share it with anyone yet.

I’ve been on Twitter for four months now and in those months I have read several snippets, synopses and samples from countless writers. I have learned more about some of my new found friends through their works than through actual conversations with them. They shared their most intimate thoughts with me whether they came out and blatantly said it in prose or weaved them beautifully through poetry.

Over the weekend a #pubwrite friend of mine shared a small snippet of work with me. It wasn’t much, just a couple of sentences, but I loved it. We started discussing his words as if they were living things, carefully handled and positioned in such a way to create the perfect image.  I could feel his excitement for his work transfer over the internet.

I want that excitement; that ability to not only believe in my work but to want, no, need to share it with everyone. I want to be able to write something and publish it on this blog, or on my website. Unfortunately, I still get that jolt of “Holy Sh**” when I hit the “publish” button for these posts.

In my mind I’ve likened it to my acting. I’ve done musical theatre for so many years I can’t even count, yet I hate karaoke. Why? Because you don’t rehearse for karaoke. (Unless you count singing in my car or shower, then I guess I have no excuses.) The community theatre I’m in has months of rehearsals and run throughs so we can get acquainted with the material.

Maybe that’s why I’m hesitant to show what I have been working on. I guess I could be in what my mind has designated a “rehearsal mode.” However, I am confident it will pass. Just like there’s always an opening night for our shows, there will be one for my writing.

As you guys already know I’m a very open person. I don’t care if you write horror, science fiction, romance, chick-lit, poetry or erotica, a little piece of you comes through your words; it’s a powerful connection. I wish I could be where you are at now, to be on the other end of that connection, but not just yet.

So, thank you, dear friends, for sharing your words with me and trusting me with your thoughts. I cherish, treasure and respect every word you send my way.

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16 Responses to One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

  1. Susan Borath says:

    Great post, Karen! I am in the same boat. I really want to share some of my writing, but I am just not there yet. I also still struggle with hitting “publish” on blog posts. And, while I may share a lot of stories, I feel like, somehow, my writing is more personal.
    I loved your comparison to theatre/karaoke. Like you, I refuse to do karaoke as well. The idea of posting my writing feels much like the feeling I get when contemplating karaoke. Or like an audition for a show. Not my favorite feeling.
    Like you, I am sure I will get there. I just an not quite ready yet. Still, by reading others work and posting here, I feel myself getting closer every day. 🙂

  2. Shay Fabbro says:

    I love sharing my stuff, and getting people excited for the next novel! It’s fun to get them all hyped up and then tell them “It will be published SOON!” and watch ’em squirm! Mwahahahahahaha!!!!

    I often wonder if I shouldn’t be so willing to throw my work out there but I guess a big part of me will be happy if some people like it, and won’t care if some people don’t 😀 I think my career in research science prepared me for this, I really do!

    Well, you know I’m your #1 fan! Not in a Misery sort of way, but in a supportive, cool way!

    • Karen DeLabar says:

      LOL. Thanks, you know…for not being a fan in the Misery sense. 🙂

      Watching your video post got me thinking about sharing my work. Just like Mike (the above #pubwrite mention in my post) I could feel your excitement come across the computer…and you were only talking about creating the novel, not the novel itself!

      You’re inspiration, Shay. I hope to follow in your footsteps. Thanks!

  3. Michael Pallante says:

    You don’t stop the play when you flub a line! As I blogged today- the only reason we write is to tell a story to a reader. To a reader is the most important part- Otherwise you are just singing in the shower!

    • Karen DeLabar says:

      Well, if you were at rehearsal last night, yes, yes we did. Just kidding. God, you’re absolutely right. Thank you for your thoughts…and nice tie in to the post with your closing. You’re so clever – you should be a writer! 😉

    • Susan Borath says:

      I loved your blog today! And you are right, we are writing to tell the story to a reader. That is my goal, and Karen’s as well. Unfortunately, I am still in that second-guessing, what if everyone hates it mode.
      I took a creative writing course a few years ago, and we had to post work on a discussion board for the entire class to critique. While I got very positive feedback from the professor (and the class’s only “A”) and from about half the class, some of the people were downright nasty in their comments. I really struggled with that, especially since we had to respond to every comment. Every time I go to post, I flash back to that class and start to panic. Will I get over it? Of course. I am getting there, slowly but surely.
      Still, at this point, I feel like I am still trying to get used to the criticism from family and friends that don’t understand what I am doing and why. Add criticism of my writing as well, and I am a bit afraid I would start second guessing myself (more that I already do on some days). 🙂

  4. 2blu2btru says:

    Your welcome. 🙂 Seriously, I’ve only shared two creative non-fiction pieces on my blog. It is scary! Especially when it’s something that you haven’t perfected yet. The pieces I share aren’t pieces I intend to publish anywhere else, but everything that I write is personal and special to me. I’ve worked hard on it. I can completely understand your misgivings.

    • Karen DeLabar says:

      It is scary. I tend to put too much emphasis on to things and I don’t want people to see my shortcomings and mistakes. I mean, take this blog for instance, I write it the night before, have my husband read it if he’s free, then sleep on it, wake up read it. Put it into the site and preview what it will look like. Read it again. Make changes and read. It’s borderline insanity AND I still find mistakes.

      So maybe I should take that as a sign. Look at all I do and there’s still mistakes, yet I do it anyways. Might as well start shaking what my mama gave me….so to speak 😉

  5. Amy Cavenaugh says:

    I am in a similar place as well! I actually let my sister and two friends read my writing but are they really going to tell me if something doesn’t work? I don’t know. I’d like to think they would. My sister will because she is a writer as well and knows I need honest feedback. But then I worry will other people like it? I worry about it all the time! Eventually I’ve got to bite the bullet and have someone I don’t know as well read it and yes, I’m terrified. I worry about my blog posts, too, even though I don’t do them as often as you do. I also really want people to take me and my writing seriously and worry about that too! So in short, I feel ya. 😉

    • Karen DeLabar says:

      It’s nice to know that I’m in with good company 🙂 We’ll all get there, most likely at different times. The best part is that we have each other and a great group of people on Twitter who is there to support us! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  6. Ellie says:

    Until I started studying creative writing at uni, I was too scared to put pen to paper let alone allow people to read my work!

    Now I am happy for everyone and anyone to read my words, including my parents. Now that was a scary step!

    I would advise entering a couple of competitions. No one will know who you are, and the feedback you recieve will spur you on, whether it is positive or negative. At some point you have to take the leap, but I guess only you will know when you are ready.

    • Karen DeLabar says:

      Great advice, Ellie. I’m going to start looking into competitions – that’s a great start! I’ve also thought about taking some creative writing courses since you’re required to turn in work; it may help me get over my “stage fright.”

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Aden says:

    I sometimes feel like I overshare my work. I get so excited about my ideas and projects I want to tell everyone. I need to reign it in. I hope you can find that comfort to share. You know we will be excited for you to share.

    • Karen DeLabar says:

      Thanks, Aden! The support I’m finding it online is making easier for me to want to take the next step. I don’t think you overshare your work at all. I love seeing people post samples or snippets of their writing. So, please, keep ’em coming!

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