Spring has sprung…or not

Spring is my favorite time of year. The flowers are blooming, the birds singing, everything is coming back to life. Add in the warmer temperatures and the stronger, brighter sun, and I want to spend as much time as possible relaxing outside in the sun.

(Ok, maybe not the past week or so, when it has felt more like January than March and my favorite chair has been covered in yucky whiteness, but I am sure that spring temperatures will prevail.)

When I was in school, this was my favorite time of year. I would be approaching the last month of the semester, and always seemed to have too much to do. Still, I could take the piles of reading I had for my classes, curl up on my favorite chair with some sunblock and sunglasses, and the reading never felt like as much as a chore.

I could sit outside and read for hours. I had a routine—I would get up in the morning and do all of my computer work when it was still cool outside. As the temperature warmed up in the early afternoon, I would head outside and do my reading. It was a perfect balance.

Unfortunately, I am not in school anymore. I am a writer—a job that requires a computer. Or does it?

It is true that I can’t see my screen outside. It is also true that I much prefer to write via computer than using pen and paper. Still, a writer has responsibilities other than just writing. While blogging and social networking both require a computer (or my Blackberry), reading does not.

I have read over and over how important it is for writers to read–a sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly. We need to read books about writing, social networking, motivation—wherever we feel we have room for improvement. We also need to read fiction. Whether in-genre or not, a lot can be learned from other writers.

Have I mentioned that there are few thing I love more than relaxing in the sun with a book? This could be the perfect solution!

I can learn from my school schedule. If I force myself to get up and write, once I reach my goals for the day, I can go outside and play (now I sound like a seven-year-old). If it doesn’t get done, I don’t get to go outside. What do you know, that may help my procrastination issues, too!

Of course, a plan like this won’t do much good until we start to break fifty degrees in the afternoon. And the snow melts. Does anyone else feel like this has been the longest winter ever?

What are your favorite parts of spring? Where is your favorite place to read? What about writing—do you prefer a desk, a sofa, or somewhere else to write?

About Susi Borath

Susi Borath finds time to write between freelance marketing jobs, minor league baseball games, creating new cookie recipes, and juggling more laundry than any two people should be able to produce. You can find more about her at http://susiborath.com or follow @susiborath on Twitter.
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12 Responses to Spring has sprung…or not

  1. Fallon says:

    Here on the western side of PA, it’s pretty normal to get snow into April. Two weeks ago we had temps in the 50s then last week it was back to freezing temps. Looked outside this morning and there was snow floating around in the air. So ready to shake off this winter weather.

    • Savana Quinn says:

      I remember that. I went to college in western PA. I very quickly learned what the term “lake effect” meant–and I hated it!
      In eastern PA we average 55 this time of year. We do occasionally get some snow in April, but it isn’t real common. Actually, it looks funny to have the flowers poking up out of the snow–I’m not used to that.
      Luckily, it is supposed to get warmer next week, with highs in the mid-fifties. I am so ready for winter to be over! 🙂

  2. Kaye Peters says:

    I like the feeling that comes with Spring, I always get energy this time of year. Maybe its because new life is growing with the flowers, the weather gets a little nicer (although you wouldn’t know it by looking outside) and the colors are vibrant and fresh. (Can colors be fresh?)

    I like to read outside with a glass of ice cold iced tea and some pretzels as company, er, my snack.

    I’ll write anywhere where my kids are not and as far away from home and responsibilities as I can get. As of this weekend, it was the local Panera Bread. It was wonderful. 🙂

    • Savana Quinn says:

      Ooh, Iced tea and pretzels. Yummy. I always have them close-by as well.

      I love getting out of the house to write. I love coffee shops, but could see how Panera may be a good fit, too. 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    I love the newness of spring. When the blossoms are just bursting, when the grass is the new green, and the leaves are not dark yet. I love the breezes and the scents that sometimes catch you off guard.

    I have been doing most of my writing lately on my computer. I actually miss writing on pads or in precious journals. But I have to be in the right space (mental space) to write those things. Fortunately, my computer is a little purple-mini Dell which goes with me whenever I want it to. So yes, sometimes I even manage to write outside. But I also love to read outside in the sun with a cool drink and a fabulous book.

    • Savana Quinn says:

      I have never been a big fan of handwriting anything. Even in moddle school and high school I would type assignments that didn’t need to be. A lot of that likely comes from having a computer int he house wince I was about 6 (mid-eighties). My mom has a computer science degree, so I was raised with the keyboard in my hands.
      I have a laptop that allows me to be portable, too. Unfortunately, my patio doesn’t have a roof, so I have a hard time reading the screen outside–too much sun glare. 🙂

  4. Hilary Clark says:

    My favorite parts of spring are the new growth on trees and flowers and the smell of freshly mown grass. Here in Chicago, spring has not arrived yet and I’m getting impatient for the weather to warm up enough to sit on my balcony and read a good book. I write at my desk because it helps me focus. I’ll read anywhere, anytime, anything.

    • Savana Quinn says:

      I love it–“I’ll read anywhere, anytime, anything.” I agree wholeheartedly. I keep my nook in my purse, and have been known to read while in line at the grocery store. Why stand (or sit) around being bored when there are books to be read? 🙂

  5. 2blu2btru says:

    I prefer to write the initial draft longhand as much as possible. It forces me to slow down and choose my words more carefully. Also, it allows me to do a mini-proofread as a type up what I’ve written so far. It allows me to be more mobile with my writing. I can write during my lunch hour and in between my responsibilities this way.

    I used to have a “moon chair”, which looks kind of like the Papasan chairs that were popular in the mid-2000s, only instead of being a flat circle, it’s a full circle chair with a back (like a butterfly chair, but shaped like a moon). I could sit in that chair and read and write for hours. I read all of Jonah’s Gourd Vine in one sitting (minus bathroom breaks) one Spring Saturday, sitting in front of the window for warmth).

    My favorite part of Spring is being able to go outside with my iPod and take in all of nature’s beauty on foot. A good exercise and just good for the soul!

    • Savana Quinn says:

      I give you a lot of credit. As I said to Lisa (above), I am not a big fan of writing longhand. I am much more comfortable at a computer. When I try to write longhand, my hand always cramps and it can never keep up with all of my thoughts.

      I love walking in spring, too. We have a lot of trails in the area, and I can go out and walk for hours. (I find this is also a great time for brainstorming ideas for writing.)

  6. Sonia M. says:

    Spring has been a little timid here. But I’m not complaining because it gets hot fast here. Not looking forward to the Summer heat. Eek.

    I like to write either at the table or on the couch. I got a laptop for Christmas and that freed me up from writing only at the desk. Yay!

    • Savana Quinn says:

      I usually write at the dining room table, but sometimes it is nice to just have a change of scenery.

      I had a laptop for about 10 years before switching back to a desktop about 4 years ago. I was miserable! Luckily, I got a brand-new laptop for my birthday in January. I am loving the freedom it gives me!

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