Now You’re Really In For It!

Did you know that tomorrow marks our two month anniversary of taking our first major step towards publication? That’s right, back on January 17th, we started our Have Coffee…Will Write blog as a way to express our fears, questions and thoughts about everything that has to do with writing.

Even though we both still struggle with the balance between blogging, following Twitter/Facebook and, of course, actually writing we thought, why not throw a website into the mix? What can we say, we like the challenge…or maybe we’re a little bit crazy.

Hm, thinking about it, its probably the latter.

Savana suggested the idea of having our own websites after reading a blog post from Kristen Lamb suggesting that writers should have them. Kaye decided to do a website because Savana told her that she needed one. 🙂

In all seriousness, there are a lot of writers out there, especially romance writers. We get to show a little bit of our personalities through our Have Coffee…Will Write blog, but individual websites gives us bigger platform to help develop our voice, our image and ourselves in general. Readers will get the benefit of a specialized look into each of our lives as writers. We both have links to our own personal blogs, to updates of our current works in progress, to books that we are reading and just general info about who we are.

Since our talents lie in the written word and some stage time it shouldn’t be shocking to you that neither of us are the most techno-savvy. The idea was overwhelming, but we knew it would need to be done at some point, so we did it.

It was a long, frustrating process, filled with multiple emails and calls back and forth where we discussed ideas, colors, and even the idea of just giving up on the entire concept of building a platform in favor of actually writing. Still, as frustrated as we got, we persevered and now they are done.

We do need to give a nice bit of credit to Sparky, computer-engineer extraordinaire, for coming to our rescue when we thought we were going to crash the internet (or when Savana somehow managed to hack her own website and basically bring it down). We also need to thank Pookie for his patience and logic. Although his chemical engineering skills may not have gotten us real far on this project, we will be sure to find some way to put the to good use in the future. Plus, he let Savana yell, scream, and take out all of her frustrations on him, and he didn’t kill her—pretty impressive stuff.

Still, in spite of our lack of technical know-how and our failed experimentations, we managed to figure it out. The majority of what you see was created by us and is a reflection of our own personalities.

So, we have done what we can. Now we need to ask for your help. We would love to hear your thoughts. Check them out: and

What do you think? Are we missing anything? Does anything not work? Is anything difficult to read? Anything you really like feel free to leave comments here or on either site, or drop us an email via the “Contact” page.

About Karen and Susan

Karen and Susan share a love of reading, writing, acting, engineers, coffee, and scotch. Join them as they work to create their own "happily ever afters..."
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4 Responses to Now You’re Really In For It!

  1. Lisa Kramer says:

    I’ll check them out when I have more brain power.

  2. 2blu2btru says:

    I visited both sites…they look great. Savana, I really like your theme! There is one part under your name that I think says romanc writer/blogger…the blogger part can’t be seen. Other than that, no worries. All of the links I can click on seem to work (can’t get on twitter/facebook from here…working (shh!). Lovely sites, ladies!

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