Rain, Rain, Go Away…Or Maybe Not


Last month, Kaye wrote about the inspiration she gets from music. She finds that music always inspires something in her, but it doesn’t always match the feel of the song. I, on the other hand, match my music to what I am going to write for the day.

A nice, upbeat scene? Maybe some Black Eyed Peas. An angry fight? Maybe some Metallica. It is not necessarily the words that inspire me as much as it is the beat. Lucky for me, I have diverse tastes in music. 🙂

Still, I find that it is more than just music. I tend to bring other elements of my environment into my writing. If I am trying to write a love scene in a busy coffee shop, the characters are more likely to somehow get interrupted—perhaps by someone banging on the door or an incessant ringing of the phone.

On a bright sunny day, I tend to bring a bit of optimism even into the darkest scenes. A nasty icy day adds a dark mood. I hate ice (not that many people like it), so it is almost guaranteed to put me in a bad mood. It is unintentional, but that mood bleeds, at least a bit, into what I am writing.

I guess this goes back to Kaye’s idea of being a sponge—I absorb everything going on around me. Whether I am paying attention or not, my environment affects my mood and my writing.

This causes some issues with the times I can write. I don’t have a true office. My office is a corner of the dining room table with a small bookshelf behind me. In an open-concept ranch house.

In other words, I have no privacy. No way to close out the world around me. When the mail is delivered, I can see the mailman walk across the lawn. As can the dog, who then barks incessantly. Earlier this week, I was so engrossed in what I was writing that I didn’t yell at the dog—my MC did. Only one problem. There are no dogs in my story. Oops.

When my husband is home, there is no chance of me writing a thing. He likes the television on, even if he is working from home. Guess what I can see from my “office.” I have this fear that suddenly Gibbs (NCIS) would be showing up in my novel. (Which, granted, would be funny, but wouldn’t really go with the whole romance genre.)

So, I write during the day, when it is just me, my music of choice, and the dog. Rainy days, like today, are my favorite for writing. There are just so many possibilities. Rain can be dark and ominous or refreshing (especially in Florida town where the novel takes place). This time of year it is renewing, helping all the tulips and daffodils that are just starting to peak out to reach their full potential. Rain is one weather pattern that does not invoke a single mood in me. I can just write.

So, with that being said, I am going to do just that. 🙂


Does anyone else find that their writing plays into the real-life scene around them? Do you adjust your environment to the scene you are writing, or do you have some trick for tuning everything out? What time of day is easiest for you to tune everything out and just write?

About Susi Borath

Susi Borath finds time to write between freelance marketing jobs, minor league baseball games, creating new cookie recipes, and juggling more laundry than any two people should be able to produce. You can find more about her at http://susiborath.com or follow @susiborath on Twitter.
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1 Response to Rain, Rain, Go Away…Or Maybe Not

  1. Kaye Peters says:

    I’ve tried writing during the day before, even when the kids are napping, doesn’t happen.

    I’ve resorted to writing at night, when its dark and quiet. Sparky works a lot at night so he’s too busy working on his own stuff to distract me from doing mine. Writing at night could be another reason why I’ve switched over to paranormal. There’s a lot of mystery to the night no matter what you believe. I like that.

    Of course, rain to me has always been the best writing weather. Rain soothes me, especially when its a torrential downpour like what they’re calling for and I hope we get. I really like it when it storms and the wind causes this old house to sway. Ooooh, its freaky and fun. 🙂 God, I think I need help.

    Anyways, night and rain are always indicative of a great writing day…er night, for me.

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