A Weekend of eReading Heaven

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Surprisingly, mine was very productive. I wrote, I planned, I organized, I outlined. I finished all of the mundane planning and organizing tasks I dread done for this WIP, and I am ready to focus all of my energy on writing. I am thrilled to say the least. This is the day I have looked forward to.

Any guesses how I celebrated?

A party? A strong drink? A long bath? While all great options, I decided, more than anything, I wanted to read.

Why? I know that once I really get started writing tomorrow, I will procrastinate less and write more. I hate organizing and planning. I wish I could just write, but I know from experience that the finished product suffers from that fly by the seat of my pants approach. That desire to write is why I have two chapters completed while I am just finishing that organizational crap.

That desire to write is also why I knew I needed to take advantage of the time to read while I could. So I did. I finished the Rizzoli and Isles series (at least what I have at this point). I reread Pride and Prejudice (or at least parts of it). I read some romance shorts.

All of this reading made me realize how much has changed in how I prefer to read, yet how much remains the same.

My grandmother gave me the last book in the Rizzoli series in hardcover. Yet, within two chapters, I bought the e-book for my Nook. I have hit the point where I actually prefer to read on my Nook. Why?

1.      Comfort when reading – I like to read while laying on my side. I always have, since I was a seven-year-old hiding under my covers with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

While this has always been my favorite way to read, I have always struggled with one thing – the pages of the book collapsing on themselves, shutting the book. This was especially a problem with hardcovers. With my Nook, there are no pages to flop over. Even better, if I happen to fall asleep when reading, the last page read is remembered for next time. No need to page through, trying to figure out where I left off. 🙂

2.      Ability to multi-task (and the ability to read without disturbing Pookie) – I have this cool cover for my Nook, and it really helps me out. It is a top-flip leather cover with a light. When open, it can act as an easel for the Nook. This allows me to read while doing those dreaded everyday mundane task like folding laundry or eating lunch. It stands on its own, all I have to do is push a button every once in a while to turn the page.

The adjustable font for the text makes this even easier.  I can make it as small or large as needed depending on the circumstances. I have even found that I can finally read while on the treadmill. Yay! 🙂

Even better, I can read in bed at night while Pookie sleeps, and I don’t have to hear him while that the light is keeping him up. That in itself makes it worth it! 🙂

3.      Instant access – There is nothing better, in my opinion, than having the ability to finish a book and immediately get a new one. No need to have a back-up, no need to leave the house. In my case, thanks to some very generous gift cards for my birthday and Christmas, no need for any money. 🙂 Since I have 3G coverage, I don’t even need internet. I can buy a book while Pookie is stuck in traffic on I-95 if I want. For a book addict, that is the ultimate convenience.

4.      Saving money – It only makes sense that an eBook would cost less than a hardcover. There is no paper, no printing, no storage, etc. For someone as addicted to reading as I am, this is a major selling point. I like to get books written by my favorite authors as soon as they come out, so paying $9.99 is much better than the standard $25-30 of a hardcover. Since these books typically have long waiting lists at the library, I always ended up buying them. This has saved me a good amount of money over the past fifteen months.

I have also found a lot of great new authors by purchasing books that are under $2, sometimes even free. I have noticed that a good number of authors will drop the price on older books just prior to or right after release of a new book. I can only assume that the logic is that readers will buy the inexpensive (or free) book, like their writing style, and buy the full priced newer book.

Guess what? It works, too, at least in my case.

When I find an author I like, I tend to look for more of their work. Since I already know I like their writing, I am more likely to buy something at full price (at least the full eBook price).

5.      Portability – This is my favorite feature. I keep my Nook in my purse. When I go anywhere, whether to the store or on vacation, I always have hundreds of books on me, which was never an option before.

It makes packing for trips easier, too. No need to decide what I want to read while I am gone.

Still, some things will never change. While I much prefer to have modern novels on my Nook, I also had to buy yet another book-case this weekend. See, I love the look of a book, the feel of a book. Even the smell of a book. So, while I read Pride and Prejudice on my Nook, I did so with the comfort of knowing that the hard copy was snuggled between other amazing books on one of my many bookcases, just feet away.

I love technology, and am amazed by the non-backlit screens of the Nook and the Kindle (among others). But technology is not infallible. Batteries die. Power goes out. Screens break or crack. And, should that happen, I want to know that I have something to read. It may be by flashlight (which, to be honest, is really what that light on my cover is), but my books will be there.

This is why, when I find a book I really love, I need to have it in both formats. I may prefer to read on my Nook on a day-to-day basis, but I can’t imagine not having a great selection of amazing books should anything ever happen to it. So, I continue to buy books in both formats, much to the dismay of Pookie, who I sold on the Nook in part by telling him that I wouldn’t need as may bookcases. Oops!

What are your thoughts on eReaders? Love them? Hate them? Not sure yet? Is anyone else compulsive like Kaye and I, where all books in a series must be in the same format? And does anyone else need to have their favorites in both electronic and hard-copy formats?

About Susi Borath

Susi Borath finds time to write between freelance marketing jobs, minor league baseball games, creating new cookie recipes, and juggling more laundry than any two people should be able to produce. You can find more about her at http://susiborath.com or follow @susiborath on Twitter.
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9 Responses to A Weekend of eReading Heaven

  1. Hilary Clark says:

    Am I compulsive about all the books in a series being in the same format? Oh my, yes! For Christmas, I was given the hard cover edition of the latest book in one of my favorite series. While I was grateful for the gift and the thought behind it, I own the rest of them in paperback. The hard cover won’t fit properly on the shelf I have reserved for them all! I will buy the paperback edition for continuity and have yet to decide if the hard cover will be donated to the library.

    My eReader is my iPad and I love it!! The books I’ve downloaded are different from those on my physical bookshelves because duplication in both formats seemed redundant to me. However, thanks to this post, I will NOT feel guilty about owning the eBook and the “real” book! That was actually a little argument I hadn’t been aware I was fighting in my sub-conscious. Thanks for settling it for me. 🙂

    • Ana Quinn says:

      I am glad to know it is not just us! It drives me nuts if they books are in different formats. A few years ago I read a series that switched the size of the book midway through. Drove me nuts!

      There are just some books that need to be accessible in more than one format. They are like the comfort food of reading! 🙂

  2. Kaye Peters says:

    I absolutely love my Kindle. Sparky was hesitant to get me one because I mostly read paperbacks and I do a lot of swapping with friends and with a local used book store. However, I found that the instant access to my favorite authors is a major turn on. (Hm. That sounds a little creepy.) 🙂

    However, I will definitely continue to buy actual books. I like the look, feel and yes, even the smell of books. They make me feel smart. 😉

    Probably like you, if I really like it will be bought in both formats so its always within reach. Especially my absolute favorites and classics like “Pride and Prejudice.”

    Side benefit with ebooks is that with all the traveling we’re doing this year it will be nice to be able to take my book collection with me and not have to pay for the extra weight in luggage!

  3. Lisa says:

    This is the best argument I’ve read for getting an e-reader. You’ve almost convinced me.

    • Ana Quinn says:

      Thanks! But why only almost? What is holding you back? (Just curious.)

      • Lisa says:

        I love holding books. I love the feel of books. I love being able to mark pages and sometimes even underline favorite things in books (I’m sure someone will cringe at that). And, I spend so much time on the computer that I worry about another technological gadget.

  4. jcbenes says:

    I absolutely love my Kindle. The ease of use is great and the instant access to everything is even better. My favorite part is that to me the story flows so seamlessly instead of turning pages and seeing that you have a lot of novel left, it’s just a continual flow. Don’t get me wrong I love books as well. Always have and always will. I still buy the occasional book here and there, mainly because one day I would like to have a nice library built in my, ahem, “Man Cave”. There are a few book series that I have bought that I refuse to buy in certain formats. The new Wheel of Time book came out and I said to myself, I can’t buy the hardcover it won’t match the other ones. Technology is great but there are times you just can’t beat a real book.

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