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Kaye: Ok, so what are we writing today?
 Ana:  No idea.
Kaye: This is good
Ana: Title: change of schedule :)
Kaye: Ingenius!
Ana: I know.
We can do something short and sweet, 
just mentioning that we have decided to 
change our posting schedule from M-F
to M, T, Th, F, with Ana M, Th and 
Kaye on T, Fri, effective Monday.
 Kaye: Sounds good to me
Although it sounds very professional
not like us at all...you should put a dirty joke in there
Ana: How about this: Change of schedule, 
Being temperamental and indecisive writers, 
Kaye and Ana have decided to switch up their posting 
schedule a bit, starting Monday.  
Look for Ana's posts on Mondays and Thursdays, 
and Kaye's on Tuesdays and Fridays.  
Wednesdays will be a day of rest from all the hard 
work we are putting in the rest of the 
week, unless we feel inclined to do something
together, which may or may not happen
depending on how temperamental we are feeling each week.
Kaye: Sounds good. But where’s the dirty joke?

So, that is the new plan.  Anyone have any good jokes for Kaye?

About Karen and Susan

Karen and Susan share a love of reading, writing, acting, engineers, coffee, and scotch. Join them as they work to create their own "happily ever afters..."
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