Here we are, consider yourself warned.

So, after a day of donuts, pizza, coffee, Scotch and lewd jokes we have decided to officially start our blog. So here it is. Our blog. Isn’t it wonderful? But before you start fanning us with palms let us tell you a little about who we are, why we’re here and why we think we’re important enough for you to read this. 😉 Then you can commence with throwing the rose petals at our feet.

From young ages we were both interested in the written word whether we were reading it or doing interpretive dances to it. Our childhoods were filled with library cards, story times and imaginary friends. Oddly enough neither one of us even thought about writing our own stories. We were too busy acting out the stories we read with the characters in our heads. Both being drawn to the dramatic side of life, we met during a community theatre production of “The Music Man” while Ana was in high school and Kaye was in middle school.

Oddly enough, thirteen years later, in 2009, we reconnected during the same community theatre’s second production of “The Music Man.”  However, it wasn’t until this past November when we both embarked on the literary journey that is known NaNoWriMo that we became the top person in each other’s Facebook news feed. Keeping each other in check through procrastination in a natural competitive spirit, we both reached the 50,000 word goal a week ahead of time. It quickly became apparent that we both had a passion for writing. It was through NaNoWriMo that we proved to ourselves that we had the ability and dedication to complete a novel, no matter how inept, boorish, unrefined, tempestuous (we found the thesaurus on the computer) a work it was.  So, at the end of November we both had a novel, in the loosest definition of the word, and a determination to make writing into not just a career but a lifestyle.

In order to do that, we have our twitter accounts activated, our Facebook fan pages up (even though we haven’t done anything for anyone to be a fan of…yet) and our blog is live. (Woo-hoo!) All we need now is a novel to promote, which we are diligently working on. So join us on what is sure to be a hilarious ride of typos, bad jokes and decent writing, if we do say so ourselves. We split the blogging between us in order to give each other a chance to focus our attention on our actual writing. Check back on Mondays and Wednesdays for posts from Ana and Kaye will be taking over Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, once a month we’ll do a “Friday Free-for-All” where our posts will contain pretty much anything. It could be emails between us, Facebook posts or just random ramblings that we felt were funny enough to make it to our blog.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the bumpy ride.

Kaye and Ana

About Karen and Susan

Karen and Susan share a love of reading, writing, acting, engineers, coffee, and scotch. Join them as they work to create their own "happily ever afters..."
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